Rent Support 

How to put yourself in control if you cannot afford your rent. 

Step 1. Work out what you can afford to pay in rent. If you have recently claimed Universal Credit, then take into consideration it could take 5 weeks to receive your first payment. Once you have this information then.....


Step 2. Speak to your landlord about your repayment plan. If your landlord is not prepared to reach a reasonable agreement with you, then remember.....

Step 3 - Emergency legislation introduced says that landlords cannot start new eviction for at least the next three months. In other words it will be illegal to evict you.

Step 4. If your landlord is still threatening eviction then contact the Citizens Advice Bureau,  Shelters Housing Helpline or a Legal Adviser.   Local Councils may have someone specialising in tenant harassment issues.

Remember landlords are eligible for a three month holiday on their buy to let mortgages. 

If any threat is involved, contact the police immediately.

If you are still finding yourself in a difficult or vulnerable position please drop an email to

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