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How to take control of your finances through  these difficult times

Update 7th April

  • How can I reduce my outgoings?

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Financial guidance when leaving military service and beyond 

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Impact of poor financial wellbeing

More likely to seek new employment

More Likely to suffer from sleepless nights

More likely to suffer from anxiety and panic attacks

40% of people are worried about Money

Are more likely to suffer from depression

Less likely to finish daily tasks

Are Likely to have a lower quality of work


Trusted Financial Educator

It is important that during the current climate we look after our mental & physical health. The shut down of life as we know it, albeit temporary, is causing much anxiety.  


These pages contain comprehensive information about what you can do to put yourself in financial control of your money to alleviate some of the stress. It is updated on a regular basis to inform you what support across the UK is available.

The Money Mum offers a Money Awareness Programme focusing on Financial Wellbeing. The goal is to provide a holistic approach to an individuals’ finances in a way that has a positive impact on their mental health and wellbeing, addressing employee performance and retention. Whether that be through good future income planning, debt reduction or achievable budgeting. 


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